Monday, November 23, 2015

Bullet Journal

OK, so I just bought my new traveler journal supplies and now I am turning it into a bullet journal! I am a planner junkie but I have not yet found the perfect one. SO, I will try the bullet journal fad and see if I can make the perfect one for myself! I started of course by watching podcasts, You Tube tutorials, Periscopes, Pinterest pins...all in search of bullet journal knowledge. Well I found a LOT! So here is my start (only a few days old). I am sure it will grow and change but so far I LOVE it. The freedom!! I need a much bigger notebook though. 

My habit tracker...genius idea!
 Weekly schedule
 Spartan training log
Sad life of a parent of a child with leukemia; We track blood counts. I will have to transfer my data from the past 13 months here from my other planner. 
 My weekly goals broke into areas. This was good to do on my "Sunday Retreat" AKA grocery shopping, drinking coffee and mapping out the week alone and in peace!
6 months at a glance. This is where I can log upcoming dates. I needed to make it bigger though to keep track of everything. 
I loved the idea of putting the grateful journal right in my planner. This kind of thing is where the bullet journal is just sort of amazing. So personalized. 
I had been keeping a list of advice in the back of my planner from podcasts, scopes, and books. I like having a place for this list. Now it is easy to reference.

I also have made a section for my Push goals, affirmations, Daily Ten (learning more now), Bucket list, books to read... I did not make my index yet because I am pretty sure I will be moving to a bigger journal soon. This is like a trial run.

This book was recommended on Crystal Paine's Scope so of COURSE I bought it and I am really enjoying it so far! 

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