Sunday, November 1, 2015


Last year Thaddeus had just been diagnosed with leukemia. We had no idea that we would get to go home ON Halloween. We were only 10 days in and we had been informed we would be staying for the whole 29 days of induction. 
Leaving the hospital with a steroid frown...
One of our last "pre-leukemia" memories was our school Halloween Carnival. So sick here and we did not know. Love him so much...
This years carnival...Happy and healthy! Thank you God.
Shadowhills Church Trunk or Treat with our buddies. What a difference a year makes. We thought we would NEVER be able to be around this many people again. Time has proven differently...
 Christian celebrated his birthday with his football team coming over for a trick or treat slumber party. What a celebration! Each holiday we GET to celebrate is such a gift. We are painfully aware of that. We have one mom of an angel who posted on FB how she wished she knew what her daughter would've dressed like for Halloween this year. Another mom is praying for MANY more Halloweens with her baby. These are reminders to NOT take our babies lives for granted.
Thaddeus and Daniel came back (Christian trick or treats for about 4 hours! He is an extreme Halloweener.) and passed out our candy. Love the sweet bond between these two.
Some people say, "Are you crazy?! 15 boys to sleep over and trick or treat?" the easy answer is yes. The true answer is that these people are our tribe. They have been with us, praying for us, LOVING our family. They stay by us now cheering our family on and encouraging our boy to be him. They are not scared of him and they expect NOTHING less of him because he has leukemia. We love them for it. It is a BLESSING not a curse to get to do life with these kids and families!
The next morning was full of basketball, football, kickball, tetherball, ping pong, fooseball...all the things Red Eagles love. 

 Hope you had a wonderful Halloween and that you are ready to enjoy a Thankful November! 

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