Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Traveler Journal/Planner

People who know me well know I LOVE my planner. Like, weirdly, obsessive love. So I am ALWAYS looking for what is new and amazing in planners. I was watching a Scope by Mackenzie Monroe of Bold Turquoise... Her thing is "cultivating the lovely" and I adored her traveler journal. You could add as many inserts as you wanted by attaching them to the bungee cords in the center. So I hopped over to Etsy and found a lady in Utah who made some amazing inserts and beautiful journals...
So of COURSE I had to get one! 

I also got all the cool goodies to go along with it. 
This is a fabric envelope and a folder to go inside and allows for more storage.
This is what it looks like with the inserts added in.
The daily planner it! It has everything I wanted. You could of course make your own as well. 
These are the fabric insert covers I got to make it fancy! She had like 30 fabric choices so I tried to coordinate. They were only $5 so it is a easy and cheap way to change up the look of your planner. 
 The plain journal page insert.
 The month at a glance insert.
 The weekly insert.
What the inside of the journal looks like. It has some flaps that are very handy.
I like this master list and goals page in the daily journal.
 The dashboard.
 A coordinating bookmark and balloon charm. The kids and I see the balloons every morning so this charm was a must have! We love our balloons!
I love it today...I will have to update later if I still love it!

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