Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Simply Tuesday

In honor of my reading Simply Tuesday, by Emily P Freeman, I decided to do a #simplytuesday post. This is my Tuesday from morning to night (well I missed some things). I am celebrating the smallness of my life. If this past year has taught me anything it is that memories are not made in the once a year, big celebrations. They are made in the small moments. Our lives are mostly made up of our "Tuesdays" so we need to make sure we are truly LIVING in those day to day times. 

Coffee and Thaddeus' supplements and water is how the day begins. I just bought this mug from our trip to Utah at the St George Cracker Barrel for my morning coffee...I love it!                                    
First thing at work was a number talk professional development
 Followed by more coffee in my "work" cup
A stack of papers that need grading. The story of a teacher's life!
I am doing a Bible study by Bold Turqoise and this is the memory verse for the week. I have it by my Elmo (along with our class talking rock) so that I see it ALL day
I got some much needed organizing done in my work area today.
Our class read aloud is Out of My Mind...super dramatic, beautiful read!
My 4th grade team mate and I. Our grade level hosted the staff luncheon today "Walking Taco Parade" which was super fun and yummy. Love my coworkers. They are a blessing!
 Got to have after school time with this guy since his brother was at an after school tutoring time and his sister was in school play rehearsals. Love him so much (Plus you get to see my new Stitch Fix dress and necklace. Loved this outfit!)
After school was time to take this sweety to karate. I love seeing him back in black belt class. He is such a cute karate kid!
Came home to this. The daily Red Eagle Wrestling Club workout. These boys work so hard and have so much fun.
On karate days Thaddeus usually suckers me into Subway for dinner. Here he is setting it all up for everyone. He has such a sweet, servants heart.
While they were working out I came in and finished my Bold Turquiose study on Phillipians...
Took my nightly lavender Epson salt bath and read Longing for Paris.
Listened to a scope by my favorite Periscoper Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom. https://katch.me/MoneySavingMom
Came down to find Jeffrey had eaten Christian's sandwich and felt like this...
So I went out and bought Christian another sandwich so he felt like this...and because Thaddy was refusing to eat if Christian did not have a Subway sandwich to eat too.
 Then came wrestling practice
While they wrestled I worked on organizing my new planner AKA Travelers Journal. Post coming tomorrow about that! I LOVE planners!
I always lay out all the clothes for the four of us for the next day down to jewelry and socks. This makes our mornings SO much easier!
Shoes, coats, and backpacks are always by the door ready to easily be put on the next morning. Early start school means a 6 am wake up call. The more things that are done the night before the calmer start we have to our day.
 Next is homework time by the fire for Thaddy...
 Christian prefers homework to be done in his "office."
 Then finally a little Madden time after a long day!
 But not yet for Christian who has a reading summary.
After the homework is done I sit by the fire to read the next chapter in Simply Tuesday.
Daddy on fluency duty! 102 words he got to in one minute up from 14 lol.
And now Christian can have some Madden time.
Last is bath and smoothie time for Juliette who FINALLY came home from Hollywood Kids. 
Lavender foot massages for all, chemo for Thaddy =( and a chapter read aloud from the Battle of the Book selection we are reading right now: Spirit Animals Wild Born.
 Not before some bedtime giggles...
 And just all around cuteness!
 And now I end my day doing this! What a blessing to recap this #simpletuesday. I will go to bed having counted my MANY blessings!!

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