Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What we are eating...

This part will have to be a work in progress. We are very good at grazing healthily; but creating good, sit down meals is an area I want to vastly  improve. This hopefully will document my journey to becoming a highly organized, meal planning genius that creates a delectable meal that is pleasing to every palate thrice daily...or something like that!

Breakfast plans:
Oatmeal, egg sandwiches (Jamie is quite the egg sandwich maker!), and veggie smoothies

What I would like to add: Homemade pancakes and waffles

Lunch Plans:
Grilled cheese, PB and J or turkey sandwiches, soup (broccoli cheddar or potato cheese), salads, or sliders. With fruit for sides and a Veggie smoothie. The boys eat about three of the lunch items daily...you know lunch, elevenses, dunch...

Dinner Plans:
Spaghetti, BBQ chicken sloppy joes, Tacos, burger night, rib sandwiches, pizza night, and one breakfast for dinner night. Salads for sides.

Snacks Multiple smoothies throughout the day, rainbow fruit popsicles (made on Saturday), power balls (made on Saturday), yogurt, kefir, etc.

I am excited to make my own bread this Saturday when we do grocery shopping/meal prep and planning. Thanks to a gift of a bread machine we got. I also am going to try checking out Plan to Eat at Kat at the Inspired to Action's suggestion. I have tried these things before to no avail, but that was in a busier season of life when the kids required my second to second attention to stay alive. I think it is more reasonable now to do this sort of thing as well as making it easier to incorporate them into the cooking and planning which is a goal of mine.

Maybe next week I will have more exciting news to share on the eating front! =)

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